Quiet Evening At Home

My friend Marla had planned to have us all over for a tequila tasting tonight.  She claims that all three of her kids have the throw up flu so she had to cancel at the last minute.  I am not sure that I actually believe her, but whatever.  I know that if I was hosting a party during the holidays, I would be more concerned about my guests, who might have turned down other important invitations, than a temporary medical condition that could easily be handled by a grandmother or a babysitter, and just pushed through.  Anyway, I called a few of the other girls who I know were planning to taste a lil’ tequila and asked them over, but no one could come.  So it was a quiet evening at home for me.

Don’t get me wrong. I adore spending time with the kids.  They are so clever!

I tried to get Hummus to walk.  I put him in a chair in our family room, but he wouldn’t even stand up.  I threw his favorite binky across the room, then a handful of brown sugar (no white sugar here, we are health nuts!) but he was not moving.  He may have been a lil’ tired from the two doses of Benadryl I gave him earlier when I thought I had a party to go to.

Not moving, no way!

Not moving, no way!


Merlin and Starling were playing up in his bedroom.  It is the strangest thing.  They act almost like friends sometimes.

They were playing a board game...boring!

They were playing a board game…boring!


Everyone went to bed extra early and I worked on sending out Christmas cards.  So tedious, but my message about bullying is important!

9 thoughts on “Quiet Evening At Home

  1. Cindy McCain

    Maybe he didn’t understand the brown sugar part? Like… what is the point of that, I am having trouble understanding as well. Maybe you should have thrown gumballs. You could make it a game and see how many he can fit in his mouth at once. Babies are stretchy.

    Or just give him an iPad. If I had to raise kids these days, an iPad would be first on my baby shower list. They’re just like babysitters but you don’t have to listen to them complain about your husband creeping on them.


    1. mythreeangles Post author

      Oh, of course he had an iPad and an iPhone to play with. Maybe that was why he wouldn’t walk. Merlin would literally kill for a handful of sugar, which is why he NEVER gets any sweets.


  2. grammarian grammarian

    when the kiddos get a lil older they can do the cards and wrap the presents; it will help them feel accomplished, and it reflects so well on you


      1. grammarian grammarian

        that is so great. teach him to cook and maybe he can go on that tv show for junior chefs and win enough money to do some things for you



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