Holiday Hijinks

I have had some of the gals over every single night since the beginning of December.  It has been so much fun to dress up and have some Christmas fun!  We have been doing themed cocktails some nights, and last night it was a vintage wine tasting once I figured out how to get into Mitch Sullivan’s wine cellar.  LOL.

I love dressing up for casual cocktails.

I love dressing up for casual cocktails.

I think we are planning a black tie New Year’s Eve dinner party too.  Röbert doesn’t usually like to dress up, but I am sure he will enjoy a black tie event.

I am sure the children are all exhausted and don’t mind going to bed early every night either.  It is good for them.

5 thoughts on “Holiday Hijinks

  1. grammarian grammarian

    this time of year, it’s so necessary to take the time for you to celebrate! if it’s hard to get the kids to sleep before you go out, robitussin or nyquil will do the trick!


  2. Cindy McCain

    OHHH my gosh I am so jealous of your festive fun!!! I wish I had a group of friends around to have fun with every night and drink a bunch of wine. Of course, I am so busy being a Senator’s and Almost President’s wife, it’s just not the same as being a suburban housewife with no servants, but you’re really making the best of it! Good for you, dear heart!!



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