Visiting Santa

Röbert was out of town on business again, so I decided it was up to me, as per usual, to get the kids to the mall and get their annual visit with Santa over with.  It is hard being a single mom so much of the time.

Before we went I took Merlin over to a playdate with the twins.  We had planned it earlier in the week and I thought he would rather do that than a family activity like visiting Santa and then picking a toy out on our way home.  I guess I was mistaken, because he seemed pretty upset when he found out.  Oh well, lesson learned.

I decided to surprise the other two, so they wouldn’t spill the beans to Merlin!  Funnnnn!

Super Singleton to the rescue.

Super Singleton to the rescue.

We got to the mall and there was an incredible line.  I almost decided to go home and come back another time, but Starling was so disappointed and started crying very loudly.  I hate when she is upset!  Valerie from book group was at the front of the line with her three creepy little boys, so I pretended I was talking to her and just merged myself into the front of the line.  The lady behind me kept muttering things but I have learned that you have to ignore disagreeable people.

Hummus and Starling were very well behaved and charming when they met Santa.  I stayed to see the lady behind us put her toddler on Santa’s lap and I laughed out loud when he cried.  She gave me a nasty look.  Oh well, some people just don’t know how to enjoy this most spiritual of seasons.  Haters gonna hate, right?

Starling had an extremely long list for Santa.

Starling had an extremely long list for Santa.

After we picked up Merlin he started crying, but not loudly like Starling did, so it was easier to ignore.  I feel a cold coming on for all of them so I added a little Benadryl to their applesauce tonight and sent them off to bed early.  A couple of gals from Pilates are coming over to drink wine and have a serious discussion about the Serial podcast in a minute, so I have to fly.

3 thoughts on “Visiting Santa

  1. Grammarian grammarian

    You are the best mom ever for doing so much for Your kids. Mine are in the bathtub while I take a little me time, and if they overflow it again like the time they did when I left just to run out and get a few things I don’t know what I will do



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