Getting Ready for Turkey Time!

So I am going to do an old fashioned home made Thanksgiving in the manner of our ancestors tomorrow.  I think it is sad that so many people don’t take the time to make a nice meal for their families and rely on a soup kitchen or church to make their dinner for them.  I care about my family so it is a healthy, made from scratch meal for me and mine!

This morning I went to the supermarket to get my ingredients.

Fresh and wholesome for my family!

Fresh and wholesome for my family!

While I was gone I had Merlin clean the house and scrub the kitchen.  I need a beautiful place to create my dinner in.  Then Starling wanted to help me set the dining room table.  She quickly became bored but she is such an angle to want to assist me.

I want to help, Mommy!

I want to help, Mommy!

It is just a small group this year, our family, my parents and my sister and her husband and three kids.  Also, Röbert’s family (his Mom and her husband and his sister and her partner and their baby) will probably be coming.  The Sullivans very graciously invited the whole gang over for dessert.  There is something so gratifying about creating a meal for your loved ones, isn’t there?

14 thoughts on “Getting Ready for Turkey Time!

  1. Big fan

    Wow, what a loving super mommy and homemaker! Please make sure you post a photo of the finished meal! I’d love to see your msc tucking in to their thanksgiving feast!
    But don’t save any for that dog!


  2. NOT A Loyal Reader

    Your family is so lucky to have a mom/wife that will make a wholesome homemade meal from various canned and boxed food items. Keep feeding your family nutritious foods!



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