11 thoughts on “Baby Wearing

  1. NOT A Loyal Reader

    I agree with ‘grammarian grammarian’ — you need to be “all about you”! Either sell that baby carrier at a consignment shop for Black Friday spending $$$ or turn him around forward facing so folks can see your precious baby’s face and you don’t have to deal with him staring at/breathing on you all day! Really?! The nerve of that baby trying to make eye contact with his mom. Ugh!


  2. mcakez

    Eww. Get one of those baby leashes; so much more convenient. Or, better yet, tie a rope to the harness and $ave $ome $$$! You could decorate it with glitter or, if you don’t have any glitter, smash up some wine bottles super fine, because that’s pretty much all glitter is, I think.

    Now you have more $$$ for Christmas shopping!



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