Yoga Time

So today was the day I was scheduled to demonstrate yoga for Merlin’s genius class.  I went in a lil’ bit early and got all set up in the classroom.  I was surprisingly nervous.

The children were still at lunch when I got there.

The children were still at lunch when I got there.

Unfortunately I got a my grain and had to leave suddenly.  I hope Ty wasn’t too upset to find me gone.

When I got home Hummus had another tumble.  Maybe I should stop putting him up on high surfaces to photograph him.  What do you think?

Two seconds later he was on the floor crying with blood everywhere.  Oh well.

Two seconds later he was on the floor crying with blood everywhere. Oh well.

I think I earned an extra glass (or three) of vino tonight.

12 thoughts on “Yoga Time

  1. taffy550

    Have you spoken to your pediatrician about Hummus’s delayed development. He may need early intervention/treatment to help him progress or even to catch up with his peers in regard to his motor skills. As for putting him in precarious situations where he may fall and get a concussion, well thats up to you.


  2. Marjorie Sloan (@kentuckyviews)

    Well, if Hummus is big enough to take care of himself while you teach underprivileged children yoga (or consider doing it, which is pretty much the same thing), then he is certainly big enough to decide for himself when to walk. I say keep doing what you are doing, give him the opportunity to explore the world in 3 dimensions (stroller, crib, and high places) and he will develop the agency to choose his own destiny in no time!!!

    You are a great mom!!!!!!!!!! So skinny and kind!! Go you!


    1. mythreeangles Post author

      I think Hummus is just fine it makes me mad that people are judging him. He can’t help it that other mothers push their own babies too hard to be the best little robots and walk before they are absolutely ready to do so, whether it be at age 12 months or 24 months. Let’s just allow our children to slow down and enjoy their carseats!

      Rant over.


    1. Yummy Mommy Pregnant Tummy

      Exactly! Young children can be so inconsiderate sometimes. I hope he didn’t get blood on your floors or lovely ottoman! At least the ottoman is orange, so hopefully any blood stains might blend in.

      You didn’t need to be nervous at the school. Having taken a couple of yoga classes you are obviously an expert. Trust me on this, I should know, because if I had ever learnt, I should have been a great proficient.


      1. Big fan

        Ooh! You’ve got an orange ottoman. How exciting! Show please! I wish I was as brave as you when it came to home decor. All my rooms are brown.


    2. mythreeangles Post author

      I know, how long does it take to go find my phone, delete a few photos, take a picture of him, text the picture to all of my friends and answer the door? You would think he could sit still for a few short seconds!



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