Good News

This afternoon we had an event that made everyone happy!  Beefeater came over to play with Merlin.  I guess I really did cure Beefeater of his blood lust because he played fetch for 20 minutes and seemed like the same happy dog we used to know.  Karen is keeping close track of him now and only letting him out for short periods until he readjusts.  Apparently someone told everyone else on the street about his vicious nature because everyone else called their children in when he came out.  I guess, once again, I will be the better person and set an example for others by allowing my child to play with him.  Not Starling of course, because just imagine if he bit her beautiful face!

Beefeater seems to be better.

Beefeater seems to be better.

After dinner I let the children all pile into the bed in the guest room and watch Frozen again while I had book group downstairs.  Röbert will be home late but we have big plans for a fun fall weekend.  Now I want a lil’ more vino.

They are lil' angles.

They are lil’ angles.

8 thoughts on “Good News

      1. grammarian grammarian

        you are just naturally so loving and giving that they know it

        maybe beefeater could be retrained as a guard dog and sold for a lot of money?



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