Lunch with Karen

I know my friend, Karen Sullivan, has been having a hard time lately.  She really loves her dog Beefeater and was as shocked as I was when he turned out to be a vicious, wild, murderous beast.  But it seems like every time I have a second to spend with her, when Röbert is away on business or in the mountains, she is always at her beach house.  I decided that today would be the day I take the time from my busy schedule to be a good friend to her.  I invited her to join me for tea and girl talk at the new tea place in town.

Well, it turns out that Karen had something she wanted to share with me too.  Beefeater has been completely rehabilitated at his special dog school in Vermont and will be coming home later in the week.  The trainer from his school told her that Beefeater is a nonaggressive dog and apparently only wants to attack me and that the trainer wants to observe and retrain Beefeater to be around me.  Apparently I am the only person in the world who can save Beefeater so of course I said yes.  Karen and I both cried tears of pure joy.

After tea we were both so happy about the good news.

After tea we were both so happy about the good news.

Later a few doubts started to creep in.  Why does Beefeater hate me?  I have NEVER done anything to him.  And what if the retraining is hard or scary or boring?  I hate to be bored.

I had totally forgotten that Margie Harris had asked if Merlin could come play after school with her creepy twins.  They were going to some museum or something for who knows what.  Starling and I took the time to go toy shopping for her while Hummus napped in the car.  It was unseasonably warm out and he sure did get sweaty while he slept.  Oh well.

Alway ready for fun with Mommy!

Alway ready for fun with Mommy!

Now it is time to put the kiddies to bed and say hello to Pinot!  Hello Pinot!

9 thoughts on “Lunch with Karen

  1. Marjorie Sloan (@kentuckyviews)

    Why do YOU have to be retrained? Why is it always YOUR job to make everyone else happy? Can’t Karen and Beefeater just LEAVE YOU ALONE??? Gosh!! After all that you have done for that dog, now you have to do MORE? When is it enough? You just give and give and give and for what?


  2. grammarian grammarian

    Who knows, maybe the dog school will work and Beefeater really will be retrained, or maybe they just use drugs in the food to make people think their school works when all they do is give them drugs. Do you have any drugs you could give Beefeater so he leaves you alone?

    Also, is Hummus still not walking?

    Museums are so boring, who knows why they decide what to put in them, like what’s there is better than what you can buy at the store. Some of the really old paintings are just ugly and boring.

    How is that cute neighbor of yours, and how is that teacher, have you run into them lately while you are out stretching and exercising in your bra and workout gear?

    Are you traveling for winter break? We are still deciding between a cruise, a tropical beach, and a staycation, depending on how much money the grandparents give to the children for Christmas — they need to tell us NOW so we can plan our trip.


    1. mythreeangles Post author

      Do you think they will give me drugs? What kind? Just wondering if you know something about it?
      Hummus hasn’t walked but I have to admit that he has mostly been in his stroller and carseat lately. I am soooo busy! Maybe I will take him out this weekend and see what happens.
      We haven’t planned anything for winter break because Röbert is being a big old grouch. I told the children we are going to Disneyworld for Christmas so maybe I should tell him to do something about that.


      1. Grammarian grammarian

        People sometimes give a dog a Benadryl before a trip just like you give one to a kid when you need some me time and it makes them sleepy

        But be very careful about giving people medicine to pets — and kids –Dogs have delicate systems even dangerous animals; non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs), which include common names such as ibuprofen (e.g., Advil and some types of Motrin) and naproxen that are safe for people can cause serious harm to a pet even one or two pills. Dogs, cats, birds and other small mammals (ferrets, gerbils and hamsters) may develop serious stomach and intestinal ulcers as well as kidney failure.


  3. PSL Mom

    Where I live it is illegal to leave a child in the car. Once I was at the grocery store and a toddler was spotted in a car n the parking lot and someone (not me) called the police. The parents were arrested and the child was placed in protective custody. Just be careful!!!! I know you need to shop but maybe just strap him the in stroller and let him watch a video on your phone! LOL.

    P.S. How is cute Mr. Williams?;)



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