Merlin is Rebellious

I was so angry with Merlin this morning. I always put out his clothes on his bureau the night before, so he will dress nicely for school.  This morning he came down  in a really ugly sweatshirt.  I had no idea where it came from.  He told me that one of the Harris twins had let him borrow it.  I told him to take it RIGHT off, but he said that it was “cool”.  He had the nerve to say that the outfit I had chosen for him was babyish and he refused to put it on.  I pointed out to him that it had a bulldozer on the front and babies do NOT drive bulldozers.  Wow!  I am not happy with this new streak of independence.  I made him change and put him on the school bus crying.  I told him that acting like a crybaby is babyish, not wearing a nice and very expensive shirt with a truck theme.

Wow!  Ugly!

Wow! Ugly!

Meanwhile Starling looked beautiful, dressed like an angel like always.

She just makes other children look like trolls. What a beauty!

She just makes other children look like trolls. What a beauty!

The school has been calling all morning.  Like I said, I never take those calls, but maybe I should?  I don’t know.  Maybe Mr. Williams needs to talk to me about Merlin’s naughty streak.

I think I have a my grain again.

10 thoughts on “Merlin is Rebellious

  1. Marjorie Sloan (@kentuckyviews)

    Just ignore the school, they never have anything constructive to say anyway. Have you considered military school for Merlin? He would look SOOOOOOOOOOOO cute in a little uniform. There’s one near me . It’s supposed to be awesome! I think there was some scandal or something ( but I’m sure it’s nothing and those boys sure look handsome!


    1. mythreeangles Post author

      Oh that sounds very tempting.Merlin needs a little discipline. But right now I think Mr. Williams is doing wonders with him so I kind of want to stick it out for this year at least.


  2. Tassie

    What is that weird thing on that sweatshirt? Really, what is it it’s not even a picture of anything. It could be a satanic symbol from those Henry Potter books my pastor warned us about those books so of course I never read them but I heard they were written by a satan worshipper so you better be careful. Maybe you should talk to cute Mr. what’s his name it.


    1. Tassie

      Oh if its expensive that’s different . Encourage him to borrow from his friend and you will have more money left to buy cute clothes for people that will look cute like you and Sparrow. Just put some duck tape over that symbol when Merlin wears it, I’m not sure its satanic, its starting to sexual to me.



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