Halloween Update

Yesterday, when I went to Starling and Merlin’s school for the Halloween parade, Mr. Williams, Merlin’s gifted class teacher, asked me to come to his room.  I totally misjudged him, he actually seems like a really nice person.

He wanted to talk to me about Merlin’s Professor Snake costume.  Apparently I didn’t lose it, Merlin had put it in his book bag and was planning to wear it for the Halloween parade.  Mr. Williams wanted to make sure that was ok with me. LOL!  As if I actually care about that sort of thing! I let Mr. Williams know that I am NOT a controlling mom AT ALL!  It makes me laugh to imagine anyone would think that of me.


As a matter of fact, Starling had decided at the last minute to change her costume too!

Super Starling had changed her mind again!

Super Starling had changed her mind again!

Mr. Williams was wearing the Head Wizard costume and it was nice to see that Merlin seems to like him.

Very magical. right?

Very magical. right?

I wonder if he has a girlfriend.  He seems like he probably does but I can’t figure out if he does.  I hope he does because he is a very nice man.

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