School Trouble

I got a call from the children’s school today.  I don’t know what is going on there.  It is a very good school in a very nice neighborhood but sometimes the administration is a little weird.

For instance, this morning they called and told me that they needed me to come in ASAP.  Well, I am sure you are thinking what I was thinking, “What has Merlin done now?”  Imagine my shock when I went into the office and sweet Starling was sitting there.

According to the guidance counselor, they have been trying to call me for weeks about Starling. Of course, I never answer the phone when the school calls because it always turns into a big misunderstanding (like this!) but I answered this morning because I didn’t recognize the number (it was the guidance counselor and usually it is just that bitch in the office)  and I thought it might be my nail tech calling with a cancellation.

Apparently they think that Starling might be a bully!  When they told me that, I just about exploded.  My lil’ angle is not a bully!  I stood up to leave and everyone was yelling all at once.  I ran out of the building and they chased me because they said that I had to take Starling with me.  They actually suspended her for a day because she was supposedly picking on the children in the gifted class and Fat Alice on her bus. She is a kind and gentle little girl, not a bully.  I am sure she didn’t say anything that wasn’t true.

I even had to miss spin class and lunch with my friends!  This is so unfair.

I am still steaming!

This angle is not a bully!

This angle is not a bully!

6 thoughts on “School Trouble

  1. PSL Mom

    I cannot imagine Starling being a bully!!!!! I bet they are just jealous of her and your awesome family. And they are making an example of her because it is actually National Bullying week or month or something. I saw it on my daughter’s school calendar. She is so special that you probably need to put her in private school. What I always see is nice mom=nice daughter and mean mom=mean daughter. It is perfectly clear which ones you and Starling are. I mean you are so sweet and transparent on your blog.


  2. Marjorie Sloan (@kentuckyviews)

    ugh Fat Alice is such a stupid fattie dork! How dare she make up those lies about your darling daughter Sterling! Someone as pretty as Sterling could never be a bully, that’s just insane, Fat Alice should be happy she’s even being noticed AT ALL by Sterling! And shut her fat cakehole!

    Ridiculous! I bet you’re thinking again about private schools where there is no LICE and probably no fat kids except the one or two on scholarship.


    1. mythreeangles Post author

      People act like we should feel bad for Fat Alice, but seriously? She is a mean, fat kid and I can’t stand her or her sanctimonious mother.

      I may have to look into private schools if this madness continues.



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