A Rant…Weirdos on the Internet

Well, I had a very strange encounter on my instagram the other day.  I had posted a perfectly innocent picture of Starling playing tug of war at the beach and I had someone comment on it asking a VERY inappropriate question about how she keeps her waist so tiny.  Huh?  Her waist is tiny because she is a tiny girl.  I have NO idea who this pervert is, but I was very alarmed that he or she was snooping around my instagram.

Why is a weirdo looking at my lil' angle?

Why is a weirdo looking at my lil’ angle?

I think that other parents should be very careful about not posting their children’s photos online willy-nilly on public sites and I often scold friends and acquaintances about it when they do it, even on Facebook.  Do you REALLY know who your Aunt Nelly’s friends are?

Of course, because I am a very important blogger, these rules can’t possibly apply to me, so how do I prevent crazies from looking at my children?  Someone needs to invent a technology so only nice people, and people who I would like to make jealous of my aspirational lifestyle, can view my photos.  Ideas anyone?

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