A Beachy Surprise

Röbert and the boys arrived this morning and found me asleep on the living room floor.  I don’t know why I didn’t make it into bed last night. I think Röbert was pleased that I was wearing my new jammies, because he kept staring at them.  We decided to just have a nice relaxing day on the beach.

The children were all running up and down the sand dunes.  The people who stopped by to scold them about the environment should just mind their own damned business!  I am sure that my sweet children playing on the sand dunes is not going to forever change the universe!

He is having fun, so the environazis can suck it.

He is having fun, so the environazis can suck it.

Merlin’s hair had gotten so long and I didn’t notice until he put on his hat!  I cut it with some scissors I found at the condo.  Boys don’t really care what they look like anyway.


As we were leaving the beach you will never guess who we ran into!  The Sullivans!  They have a house there where Karen spends a lot of time and I guess she and Mitch decided to come down after Beefeater attacked me.  They haven’t had him put down, which would be the responsible thing to do with a vicious dog.  They were both very apologetic about the incident.  Mitch kept trying to hug me which was very awkward.  Beefeater was with them, fortunately muzzled, which he didn’t seem to like much, lol.  I thought I heard him growl at me!

This is a vicious dog!

This is a vicious dog!

Karen does seem kind of heartbroken about the whole thing and has had to cancel all of her visits to nursing homes and pediatric hospitals where she brings Beefeater to snuggle with sick people and entertain them.  Oh well.

2 thoughts on “A Beachy Surprise

  1. BetsyK

    You are so pretty, I hate you. Ok, just kidding. But seriously. I mean, you had just woken up and Robert couldn’t take his eyes off you. Talk about natural beauty! You’ll have to tell us everything about your beauty routine. What do you use? I hope it’s nothing from the drugstore, because that’s icky.


    1. mythreeangles Post author

      OMG! Don’t even get me started on drug store beauty products. So cheap and tacky. I have some wonderful La Prairie products that I use and some from Guerlain that I swear by.



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