New Neighbors

We were all very excited to meet our new next door neighbors because Mrs. Culligan, the realtor who sold it for our old neighbor (who was so old that we never really bothered to speak to her), told us the family had children! How lovely for my three lil’ angles to have playmates right next door, and for me to have someone I can drop them off with from time to time! They have spent months gutting and getting the house ready to move into. Then on Saturday a moving van pulled up and right behind it a mini van. We were all peeking out the window, when Starling burst into tears. It was the Wozinski family from Starling and Merlin’s school, and poor Starling doesn’t like Stella Wozinski at all. Merlin seemed fine playing with Stella and her little sister Izzy, but I called him right in. It was too upsetting for Starling and he shouldn’t be playing with girls anyway.

Later that day, Starling set up a spot near the woodpile to sit with her telescope and play spy on the Wozinskis! What fun! She borrowed my cell phone so she could call all of her little friends and let them know about all of the stupid things Stella does! She is so creative.

My lil' private eye.

My lil’ private eye.

Last time Röbert came home from the mountains he had bought me the coziest pajamas.  He is so thoughtful, he had even removed all the tags and washed them for me.  I think he meant to surprise me, but I found them in his suitcase when I was looking for his cell phone.  I told him he was a silly man because they had the wrong letter monogrammed on them and I can’t return them if they have no tags (I know this for a fact, I tried it once).  He is just so sweet and thoughtful!

Ha ha!  They have a K on them instead of an L.  Röbert is so distracted sometimes.

Ha ha! They have a K on them instead of an L. Röbert is so distracted sometimes.

6 thoughts on “New Neighbors

  1. Yummy Mommy Pregnant Tummy

    Your darling Starling is so creative, playing “Private Eye”, just like a professional investigator! I used to have a telescope that I would use to help keep an eye on the neighbourhood. Until the paranoid lady next door complained that I was spying on her and being a “Single White Female”. (What does she even mean by that? I’ve never heard it before. Maybe it’s an old saying, because she is old. She must be at least 30). Just because I didn’t trust her and watched what she was doing didn’t make me wrong or creepy! It’s not like I watched her ALL. THE. TIME – I couldn’t see what she was doing at night unless she left lights on inside. I told the police officer she sent over that I was a member of the local Neighbourhood Watch Program (he didn’t need to know that I only went to one meeting. I mean, safety IS everyone’s responsibility! lol). And then I told that meddling woman that she was wrong calling me names because I’m MARRIED!! HA! That should show her. I bet she was just jeluz because SHE is a SINGLE, white woman! And she will never get a husband because everyone knows women are expired after 30.

    Anyway, it was so mature of Starling not to stay upset about Stella moving in next door and instead phoning all of her own friends to let them know how Stella is settling in. She is so thoughtful and nice like that. No wonder she is happy and smiling all the time!

    Isn’t Röbert so sweet buying you those pyjamas. You look so cute in them! Maybe that is what the K is for: Kutie, or Kitten! Rawr! It was so thoughtful of him to hide them as a surprise and to pre-wash them so they would be extra soft. When did he learn to use the washing machine? I know you do such a great job of looking after the home and never letting him raise a finger to help. That might be why you suffer with those my grains, because you are always so busy being an amazing homemaker and mother. I don’t know when you have time to fit in those beautiful pictures of yourself, and you always look so beautiful. You are a real roll model!

    I bet the store made a mistake with the monogramming. You will have to see if you can find the tags in his suitcase, or receipt in his wallet, so you can call the store and give them a piece of your mind! I know, maybe check his phone to see if he called the store beforehand to arrange the monogramming! He is always working so hard, coming in and out, in and out on all those business trips that I wouldn’t bother him with this. It’s not his fault the store messed up.

    Oh well, if the store won’t fix their careless mistake, I guess you could always give them to Karen; you’re so thoughtful like that. I bet she would be thrilled to have monogrammed pyjamas. Everyone knows that monogramming means it’s fancy. Otherwise, it’s so close to Christmas you could keep them and give them to her then as a gift. shhhh, she doesn’t need to know you didn’t buy them especially for her!

    Oh well, I better go, I am so busy, too! But these new pills my friend gave me to try really help me get through all the important things each day, like getting my hair done, getting mani pedi’s and lunch with the girls. I’m glad I read somewhere that some alcohol every day is good when you are pregnant. I don’t know what I would do without a glass (or three!) of wine with lunch. But the pills do make me more talkative (although my hubby said he didn’t notice, and he should know – he’s such a good listener! He listens so carefully he is very quiet. I know it is because he is taking what I say seriously!) and they make me more write-ative (I just made that up ,lol. My hubby also says I’m so good at making things up. He always compliments me like that!) but my friend told me not to worry about trivial things like that the pills do because all the trendy mummy’s are taking them. She even said she wouldn’t charge me for these first ones, just to make sure I like them and get used to them. She’s such a good friend like that; it’s like we’re sisters, even though we’ve only known each other a week! But she will have to ask me for money next time, which I completely understand. Besides, anything worth having is worth paying for, right! And the more you pay the more it is worth, because everyone gets jeluz! hee hee. And she has to pay her doctor, who gives her extra pills secretly. At least, I’m sure he is a doctor because he always has so many pills and uses big, medical words like seashore and palpytashuns. (I don’t know what the ocean and Australian palpypuses have to do with it!) oh, there I go being all write-ative again!

    Keep us posted on your adorable three angles! You really have the perfectest family!


    1. mythreeangles Post author

      Your pills sound really nice. I wonder if you have any extra? I also took lots of pills and needed to relax with wine while I was pregnant and I am sure you can see how marvelously my lil’ family turned out.

      I don’t think I will be giving my lovely new pajamas to Karen any time soon!


  2. PSL Mom

    Hmmm… do you think maybe Robert secretly likes to wear women’s pajamas? OMG! I cannot think of another reason there would be washed ones in his suitcase. Especially with another monogram one them. Just wondering…where was Karen the weekend Robert was gone? Your life is so exciting. I love all the new updates. I wish I was your next door neighbor. My dog would never attack you.


    1. mythreeangles Post author

      Röbert is ALL man, I assure you! He bought me a beautiful set of pajamas, which he knew I would love. They are so beautiful and cozy. You seem a little jealous.

      Karen was either home or at her beach house, I am not sure why you would ask. We are close friends but I am not her daughter (although she is pretty old).



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