Weekend Getaway

It made absolutely no sense for me to stay home with the children all whining about lice over the weekend, so Röbert and I took time to have a little getaway  We went to a beautiful luxury hotel in the city and finally had time to just relax, read, shop and eat at some fantastic restaurants.  My mother always loves to spend time with the littles, so it was a win/win.

Where is the mini bar?

Where is the mini bar?

The best part is that my Mom ended up taking care of the lice (she said I had gotten her there under “false pretenses” LOL.  I know she loved it!) and I didn’t get any of the little buggies myself.  My hair looked fantastic this morning!

Lice free!

Lice free!

3 thoughts on “Weekend Getaway

  1. NOT A Loyal Reader

    Your weekend sounds lovely! Where did you eat? The next time you go out to eat please take a photo of your plate so we can see what you eat! You must eat only salads with your awesome body! Please share with us what you’re eating and where! I know your mom was so blessed to be with your precious “littles” / “angles”! I bet she even took Hummus out of his car seat / stroller a lot (hope he isn’t spoiled)! What else could she have possibly had to do after many years spent raising you than spend time taking care of your children and their medical problems? Grandmothers are the best!

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  2. Yummy Mommy Pregnant Tummy

    Ooooh, I bet you and your gorgeous hubby were happy to get some “adult” time, what with him being gone so often. What on earth is he doing up in those woods…? Are he and his friends having some quality male bondage time? I hear that is getting more popular. Isn’t it great to see men bondaging together, forming closer friendships and expressing more emotions? Women get to bond with their girl friends and it’s great to see the men doing it, too. My friend, Raul, has a special friend and it’s great to see them being such close buddies!

    I still can’t believe that troublesome Merlin brought home lice and gave them to your darling Starling! You are such an awesome mom raising these angles!
    P.S. Can you post more photos of your outfits? You never post enough photos, especially of yourself!


    1. mythreeangles Post author

      Maybe it’s male bondaging time, I’m not sure. He seems to do some “sports” but they don’t have teams so I am not sure it counts as sports. For instance he played mountain biking a few times but he says no one won. I don’t know.

      It was very nice having a little couple time. We turned off our phones and indulged ourselves with some spa treatments and just forgot all about our problems at home. My mom was a little upset about the turning off the phone part but if we hadn’t she would obviously have been calling us, and we needed some “Us” time. She knew what to do about the lice once she googled it and most grandparents love time with their grandkids!



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