OMG! The Worst!

I had the nicest morning.  I went on a power walk with Karen, then we went back to her house and had coffee and just laughed and laughed.  Beefeater was acting so weird though.  First he growled at me, then he cowered like he was scared.  Karen finally had to lock him in her room.  Later, I went to Pilates, then had my nails done and and a massage. I generally just got ready for a relaxing weekend.

Merlin was just driving me up a wall when he got home from school.  He just kept scratching and scratching and complaining about an itchy head.  So annoying.

I kept telling him to get his hands out of his hair!

I kept telling him to get his hands out of his hair!

I sent him up to his room and went to check my email and discovered that there are lice at the children’s school.  LICE!  How barbaric!  Then I read the symptoms and it dawned on me that Merlin might have them!!!!!  I ran up to his room and yelled at him to get outside immediately and then called the special crew that comes and delouses your house when this happens.  Wow!  It sure is expensive.  I’ll bet he got them from those creepy twins he played with on Monday.

The next thing you know I saw Starling scratching her head. Oh my!  Merlin gave his lice to his sweet sister!  Why would he do that to Starling?  What if we have to shave her beautiful hair?  I can’t believe this is happening to me.

I kept telling her to stop scratching but she wouldn't.

I kept telling her to stop scratching but she wouldn’t.

As soon as the lice team arrived I beat a hasty retreat.

I don't want lice too!

I don’t want lice too!

I called Röbert from the wine bar and told him he had to get home and deal with the mess.  I think I will be shopping for all new everything tomorrow!

By the way, I read that lice prefer clean hair, so we are NOT dirty at all!  Keep those nasty comments to yourself.

3 thoughts on “OMG! The Worst!

  1. Obtuse

    I might be way off base here, but isn’t it more far likely that Merlin caught lice from from Starling? And wouldn’t it be prudent for you to have your own hair examined, and your husband’s? Lice can be very tricky to get rid of — prepare for washing bedding in lots of hot water! You also have to disinfect any stuffed animals they have.


  2. mythreeangles Post author

    Excuse me! I am the mother and far more likely to know what is going on with my own children! Of course Merlin caught the lice from his playdate and spread them to Starling. Everyone knows that! Luckily I tossed all of his gross old stuffed animals last week and the lice company is going to take care of the rest.

    I CERTAINLY do NOT have lice! How dare you!

    May I suggest that you MYOB!


  3. NOT A Loyal Reader

    MYOB?! Don’t have a public blog if you want people to stay out of your business! You make all of these “issues” everyone else’s business when you put it out on the internet for the world to see while exposing your precious children and hunk ‘o love husband (who just wants to work and provide for his family) to the world for scrutiny. Why didn’t you call her a h8ter like you did me?!?!??! I knew that you were a racist!! And now I see you’re also an extremely lazy mom who won’t even care for her family’s medical issues! Asking your hubby to leave work for this “emergency” while you’re at a wine bar?! You drink too much alcohol!!! That is how you ended up on a date with your neighbor’s husband! Wait until everyone finds out about that! Plus, it’s not going to be long before that dog from next door comes over there in a attacks – you will have deserved it! Veggieby the way, where did you get that lovely purple jacket in the last photo? Where did you get Starling’s awesome yellow leggings? I know I live in Australia, but if I ever get to the United States I would really like to know where you take your Pilates class. Maybe I could join you for Pilates one time. What do you think? I feel so conflicted about being in this love/ hate relationship with you. You’re an evil person, but you’re such an awesome blogger and have such a wonderfully beautiful & blessed life that I have to keep following you – at least for now.

    – Formerly known as “A Loyal Reader”



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