I am Just So Lucky!

So, some people seem to think that Röbert and I are having marital problems, LOL.  Well, quite to the contrary, we are VERY happy, VERY, VERY happy.  When I say that I am a single mom I do not mean that literally, LOL.  Röbert just travels a lot but when we’re together it is wonderful.  Most of the haters are just jealous and wish they had the kind of magical relationship I share with my hubby.

Look at that body language!  We are in love!

Look at that body language! We are in love!

Stepping off my soapbox.

For some reason Merlin had to stay late at school today.  I assumed he was in trouble, but when I went to sign him out of detention, they said he was out back with the archery club.  Archery club?  Who ever heard of such a thing?  When I got there I ran into who else but Mr. Williams, his gifted class teacher.  Mr. Williams seems to have a lot of crazy ideas because it turns out it wasn’t an archery club at all, it was a special group “exploring their interests” in Medieval history.  More like a thinly veiled excuse for introducing my child to violence and weapons.  I was irate and I let him know that I didn’t have time to be running out to pick Merlin up from this afternoon craziness.  His teacher sure knows how to talk because I ended up agreeing to let Merlin go and Mr. Williams will drive him home on Tuesdays.  I am torn because it doesn’t seem right to have him shooting arrows hither and yon, but it does seem to be a nice opportunity for me to spend extra time with Starling, who has seemed a little down lately.

Mr. Williams is crazy, am I right?

Mr. Williams is crazy, am I right?

I decided to make it an early night for the kids (I love school nights) and I invited a couple of friends over to visit, LOL!

Meet my two friends.

Meet my two friends.

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