Some Good News At Last!

I know a lot of people have been really worried about the Sullivan’s dog, Beefeater.  We sure were!  I felt so helpless because Karen and I have been goin’ thru a lil’ ruff patch. Anywhoo, I went out for my power walk, as per usual, yesterday and guess who I ran into?  A certain special dog!  I brought him right over to Karen’s house and she was absolutely delighted.  We hugged and cried and made up.  She mentioned that Beefeater didn’t seem to be in any distress at all. It looked as though someone had taken VERY good care of him.  I agree.

Besties once again.

Besties once again.

She mentioned that she and Mitch are having a little get together next weekend and invited Röbert and I to join them.  I am certainly looking forward to that.

Before all of the excitement with Beefeater yesterday morning I was a little upset.  There was a blogger do I wanted to go to in Atlanta this weekend and when I mentioned it to Röbert on Thursday, he claimed we couldn’t afford it.  Well, later that day I went to buy something at the luggage store and I found $100 in my purse, but no credit cards.  This is highly unusual because I never carry cash and have lots of credit cards.  I guess we must have plenty of money because banks and stores are always offering me more cards.  I am sure they don’t do that for poor people!  I had been looking for my cards everywhere and I finally found them when I went to get  some breakfast bars for the kids from the freezer yesterday morning.  The cards were frozen in a solid block of ice!  I was furious!

Then I walked into the kitchen and the corner of our kitchen table leg was all chewed up.  That was when I decided to go on the walk to find Beefeater.

Moments before I found the chewed up leg.

Moments before I found the chewed up leg.

Now Robert says we can’t afford a new table either.  I can’t live like this!  It is one step from being homeless.  We will see what we can afford this week!

5 thoughts on “Some Good News At Last!

  1. Pumpkin

    So glad you and Nancy are good friends again and that Beefeater is home safe and sound. You are such a good person. I wonder how your table got scratched. I’ll bet that sneaky Merlin had something to do with it. Maybe he scraped it with the violin bow last week?!

    And just a tip —- if you “forget” your credit cards, most store will look up the number and issue a temporary one to use (while yours defrost). Don’t’ ask me how I know this!

    I just LOVE your updates!


  2. Meggy

    Oh wow, the decor in your kitchen is just the same colour as mine! I’m so excited! I just loooove your style! Where do you get your fantastic ideas?
    As for the credit cards, men have such crazy ideas about money. You just do what’s best for your little family!


  3. A Loyal Reader

    Your hunk ‘o love hubby is testing you on the credit cards! Just get rid of the kids at your parents, cook a great meal, and have romantic night at home. Your credit cards ( + flowers and candy) will appear in no time!



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