Fall is Funtastic!

It is another beautiful day because I am spending it with my most favoritest people in the world, my beautiful family.  We started the day with soccer for Starling.  Merlin didn’t go this week because he had a game at a time that was just not convenient for the family.  Why don’t the people who run the sports leagues take our schedule into account, I wonder?  Anyway, we were able to move a few things around so Starling could at least make her game and, once again, she is just a fantastic athlete, not to mention the prettiest girl on her team!  Fortunately her new coach played her and her best friend the whole game.  I could hear some of the other moms complaining, but if they cared so much they should have made sure their own children had their best friend’s father as a coach!

Starling just adores all sports!

Starling just adores all sports!

We walked home to get a little exercise and guess what I saw?  These flyers were posted all over town!

Apparently Karen Sullivan’s dog Beefeater has disappeared!  She LOVES that dog.  Too bad we are no longer friends so I could help console her and search for him.  I wonder where he could be?  I took all the flyers I saw home, so I could examine them more carefully in case I should ever spot Beefeater anywhere.

I can't imagine where Beefeater has gone!

I can’t imagine where Beefeater has gone!

4 thoughts on “Fall is Funtastic!

  1. Meggy

    Of course Starling is brilliant at soccer. She obviously takes after her supertalented mom!
    Btw I need a fix of little Hummus! Hope he’s ok – not seen him for a few days and of course he is the gorgeousest baby ever!


    1. mythreeangles Post author

      I was actually a soccer coach last week. It was such fun to share my passion with the kids. But Starling is something else, so talented. Once she gets the ball she won’t give it up. Her coach last year had her playing goalie one game and she ran all the way up the field with the ball. She wouldn’t give it up for anything.

      Hummus is great and so, so beautiful, but I get sick of all the criticism about him never being out of his stroller or carseat. I have been looking for a picture of him out of the carseat to prove all of the haters wrong and if I find one, I will post it this week.


  2. Heather

    Haters gonna hate! But we know that you are a fabulous, fun, loving mama to three lil angels! Starling is soooo beautiful, and always looks so happy. Hummus is a lil doll. He’s just a baby so I don’t know what the big deal is about the car seat!


  3. S

    Don’t let the jealy haterz get you down, you’re an amazing mom! So inspirationalizing!! Nancy is lucky to have a neighbor like you btw, you’re such a sweetheart. Even though she’s a total witch with a B. Prayers for Beefeater!



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