Back to School Fun

Today was the back to school pool party for the whole school.  I decided Merlin would not go because he is so clumsy and always tripping and would probably end up hurting someone.  Starling had a marvelous time with her friends though!

All smiles!  That's my girl!

All smiles! That’s my girl!

I decided that instead of letting Merlin read a book in the car, he would probably be fine at home alone for a few hours.  We’d already tried it a few times this summer and he hasn’t burned the house down yet, LOL!  Just try to imagine how disappointed I was to find him jumping on the bed in the guest room when I got home!  That boy is a handful!

Naughty as always!

Naughty as always!

I have decided I am a photographer and maybe since my Mommy advice thing didn’t pan out (I had lots and lots of clients VERY interested, I just kept forgetting to think of good advice) I will be a professional photographer.  If you need a family photo, I am your girl.  I took a few of Starling and Hummus for a portfolio of sorts, but I think anyone who has seen my blog knows that I am no amateur!

Naked pictures are so artistic!

Naked pictures are so artistic!

Of course I couldn’t use Merlin because of that blasted knee bandaid!

Oh, and by the way haters, I don’t need to hear about how I am “exploiting” my children by posting naked photos for perverts to look at.  I am their Mom and I know what is best FOR THEM.  I will not tell you how to raise your children, so don’t you tell me how to exploit mine.  Stepping off my soapbox!

5 thoughts on “Back to School Fun

  1. Lulu

    If people don’t want to see your beautifully artistic naked angles they can put clothes on their faces!

    (How can you “exploit” your OWN children anyway?)


  2. Jack Melvin

    I think you can do whatever you want with your children. They are YOUR children! I hope you’ll never stop photographing your youngsters- especially swimming, bathing, and jumping on their beds! So very very cute. More bathtub fun photos, please! please.



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