Fallin’ into Fall

Well, once again Röbert is off on another wild adventure!  He is spending some time hiking with his frat bros.  They were never actually in a frat, he just calls them that!  So cute.  But I am a single mom once again.


All packed up and ready to go!

All packed up and ready to go!

Just as I had planned, I signed Hummus up for a playgroup several mornings a week and I am taking time for myself to work, because I am a busy working stay at home mommy!  This week I was able to spend some time writing and reflecting at Starbucks, and while there I ran into a bunch of my girlfriends.  OOOPS!  Not much work got done that day, but fun was had by all.

This morning was the first day of fall soccer.  I am furious that they don’t have a program for Hummus because then I could slip out and get some stuff done!  But Merlin and Starling were both very excited about getting to play.  Typical Merlin tripped and cut his knee and totally ruined the photo with a bandaid!

My lil' athletes

My lil’ athletes

I decided I should be Starling’s coach this year since she NEVER got enough playing time last year.  She is such a great lil’ athlete and her idiotic coach felt like he needed to give all the girls a chance to play, even Nina, who wears glasses!  Ugh!

Super Mom to the rescue!

Super Mom to the rescue!

I ended up only being an assistant coach or maybe not even a coach at all, I am not sure, I couldn’t make it to any meetings.  Anywhoo, I think Coach Mari appreciated my help but I might not bother next week.  We will see!



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