I’ve Been Thinkin’

Röbert has not said anything about the bills from Blogher, and I am certainly not going to bring them up, but I feel like I need to make money so I can continue to do fun events with my bloggy buddies.  I have been trying to think of ways to make money, but I don’t want to work, kwim?

One of the gals I met this summer had a brilliant idea and I can’t believe I didn’t think of it myself.  She is going to teach others how to write as good as her, but she is doing it on the internet!  Crazy smart, right?  She is going to send out daily writing prompts which I could do in my underpants before I even get out of bed and ka-ching, money in the bank.

Here is a free writing prompt:  Write about what you did yesterday.  See?   I would be so, so, so good at that.

Anywhoo, I don’t want to take her idea and make her mad at me, plus that would be copying and as per usual, I am not a copycat.  So I have been thinking about other things I am good at, like knowing the good day spas near here, and shopping and of course being a mommy.

So my idea is that I will supply people with Mommy advice for only $10 a month.  And every day you will get an email from me (or maybe a text or a snapchat) reminding you to be a good Mommy and some Mommy advice!  Maybe not every day, because I get busy with the gym and being a single mom, but definitely most days or at least a lot of days.

Genius idea, right?

Genius idea, right?

So I am giving a free sample today only!!!!  Unless you think my free sample is so brilliant that you want to send me money, in which case, feel free to…no pun intended, LOL!

***********FREE SAMPLE**************************

Be mindful and present with your children every day.

Don’t forget to be a good Mommy!

*************END OF FREE SAMPLE**************

In other news, I do sometimes take Hummus out of his stroller, and a few of you readers just need to mind your own darned business, but he is SO clumsy.  I propped him up on the bed the other day while I was doing my Zumba downstairs and the kid fell off again!  Honestly.  He is just safer in his stroller.

My clumsy lil' monkey

My clumsy lil’ monkey

Starling had a stupendous first week at school.  Everyone just adores my lil’ ray of sunshine and Emily Moorer’s mother just needs to shut her ugly pie hole about bullying on the bus.

Does this lil' angle look like a bully to you?

Does this lil’ angle look like a bully to you?

Amazingly even Merlin’s teacher seems to like him and said he was very smart, whatever that means.  All I know was that I was going to lose my mind if summer had lasted one single minute more.  He actually claimed to feel sick on Wednesday, but I knew he couldn’t possibly be ill.  It is only the first week of school, no one gets sick the first week!  He threw up a few times on Tuesday night but, at the end of the day, I think he probably ate a bad chicken nugget.

Healthy as a horse, come on!

Healthy as a horse, come on!

Anywhoo, happy back to school!

13 thoughts on “I’ve Been Thinkin’

  1. A Loyal Reader

    I would pay for your Mommy Advice because “your” awesome as a Mommy! “Im” not a mommy, but I would share it with my mommy friends. Sorry for the quotation marks, but I’m not good with apostrophy marks — they didn’t teach them well at my high school and, frankly, I was too busy husband hunting to pay attention anyway! Really?! What else is there to do in high school when Mommyhood awaits you?!??! The precious Littles “are’nt” gonna raise themselves! Ya know?!


    1. mythreeangles Post author

      OMG!!!! I should block you from ever replying on any wordpress blog! My daughter is an angle! An angle!

      Lucky for you, I need the page views, so I guess you win, for now. As soon as I am a successful blogger I will make sure you can never comment anywhere again! And I will just have comments here about how pretty I am and how adorable my children are. Your children probably have big weather balloon heads, so there!

      Starling is the prettiest and most popular girl in her class. That bitch who says she is a bully is just full of herself and needs to shut her pie hole.


  2. I heart u

    OMG!!!! Your such a good photographer!!!! Your selfies are really special and beautiful!!! You could do professional photography as a business too!!!!! That way you could earn $$ and as well as Pinterest!!!! And I think people will even give you money to buy a camera!!!!


  3. Meggy

    Merlin is beautiful, even if he is obviously a naughty little monkey! I love the way you don’t play favourites even when he is being a little pickle!



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