The End of Summer

Well, the littles go back to school tomorrow.  Not Hummus, of course, but I am going to wait until Röbert goes away and then enroll him at this wonderful playgroup and pretend that we discussed it and agreed to send him. SHHHHH!

I am so glad that summer is over.  I swear I didn’t think I would last this past week!  Merlin seems bored and was so whiny.  “I wish I had my legos back,” or “These puzzles are for babies,” all-freaking-day.  Well boo-hoo kiddo, I think that there are children working in sweatshops to make your new clothes who would love a nice puzzle or two.  Honestly, he can be a real handful, always running everywhere.

He never slows down!

He never slows down!

Starling on the other hand has been so appreciative of the new dolls I bought her to replace the one I gave to her ungrateful brother.  I have been fighting with the school about her placement for next year too.  Clearly she belongs in the gifted and talented program especially considering she got a B in math (and remember, she is a girl!) but they wouldn’t even test her.  Ridiculous.  I am planning on spending some time at the school making sure she does get tested this fall!

8:25 starling

I am going to miss her so much tomorrow!  Mama’s lil’ angle!

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