My Lil’ Iconoclast

I have been trying to have a more minimalist approach to decorating, specifically in Merlin’s room.  I hated all the plastic toys and bright colored Hot Wheels and Legos that he insisted on playing with so while he was playing with his friend I threw them all away.  What a relief!  His room looks so much better.  Of course I couldn’t leave him with no toys at all (that would be mean!) so i put some wooden puzzles from when he was younger, and an American Girl doll that Starling doesn’t think is pretty enough, into his room.  I also left some clothes Starling no longer wears in there for him.  Look what I found this morning.  My lil’ boy doesn’t care about gender norms at all!

8:21 doll

I also thought my hair looked extra good this morning so I took a quick photo of it while I was driving to meet some gals to do a little bit of retail therapy.  I was running late so I was driving about 85 miles an hour and there were a bunch of semi trucks swerving in and out of the lanes.  My hair looks super cute though, right?

8:21 driving



2 thoughts on “My Lil’ Iconoclast

  1. A Tranger

    There are starving children in Africa who would love to eat a baby doll like that. I hope Merlin appreciates his good fortune. Also he’s super lucky to have a maman with such cute hair.



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