Summer Fun

It really seems as if we’ve gotten into the groove this week!  Röbert was being a real grouch over the weekend and said that I needed to be careful with money because, oh who knows?  But he was pretty firm about me not spending anything.  Of course I cried but he was still all cranky about everything.  Ugh.  Men!

8:12 Robert

He does look cute in his weekend casual though!

So at least I had Starling signed up for this WONDERFUL camp this week.  It is very expensive, but I paid for it in May (it fills up very quickly) so it really doesn’t count.  I also was able to get Hummus signed up for a week at the playgroup (shhh!  It didn’t cost that much!)  but they wouldn’t take Merlin.  He is several years older than the other children, but I think she would have taken him if he wasn’t such a handful.  What a burden he can be.

Starling came home on Monday just full of the fun she had had.  She immediately wanted to show me a puppet show she had made up.  She is very creative and always coming up with the most interesting ideas.  She is also very popular.  Some creepy little girl she doesn’t even know was following her all over the place at camp but she put her in her place!  That’s my girl!

8:12 starling


I had made all sorts of plans which were ruined by having Merlin home.  He is very mature for his age though, so I was able to sneak out for shopping (I found the absolute most darling handbag!) and had lunch with the girls from book club on Monday.  Tuesday I left him in the car while I ran in for pilates and spin classes and a sauna at the gym.  This afternoon, when I got home from the nail salon he actually told me that he was bored!  He wanted me to unlock the television.  He had the nerve to complain that my new “minimalist” theme in his room means he has nothing to play with.  Next thing he will be asking me for video games which I do NOT believe in and he will never get!

Of course, as usual, I had a great idea for keeping him entertained.  What little boy doesn’t love a photo shoot?  We started by letting him take a few of me at home, but the quality wasn’t as good as I need.

8:12 lahlee


So we drove a couple of hours to a field of lavender and I spent 3 hours taking pictures of myself with my little remote I bought the other day (love it!).  I even got one of us together.

8:12 photo shoot

I had forgotten he is allergic to lavender so I had to give him some Benadryl and he slept the whole way home.  Boredom cured!

The one bit of family bad news is that Röbert cancelled our family week at the beach for next week.  Something about money.  Ugh!  The children are very disappointed but we will have plenty of fun at home!  I think I will tell them we are going to Disney at Christmas to cheer them up.  By then Röbert will hopefully have figured out how to make more money because this not having enough is for the birds!

7 thoughts on “Summer Fun

  1. săllӳ

    All this time I’ve thought your husband was named Robert ! But he’s Röbert ! How silly of me. I can be such a ditz.


  2. săllӳ

    Why don’t you like my post? I am starting to not like you. When bloggers become big and famous they think they are so special but they’re not. I could steal Röbert from you if I wanted. I may do it just to show you.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. GinaFanGurl

    Your so pretty!! Where did you get that outfit for the lavender photo shoot??? Too bad Merlin has been such a pill!


  4. A Loyal Reader

    Kids have too many toys so good for you and your minimalist lifestyle. As long as it doesn’t interfere with your new clothes ans handbags!!


  5. mythreeangles Post author

    Well, I don’t like cheap plastic toys and tacky looking stuffed animals. He can have a few wooden puzzles and an American Girl doll because those are not cheap and look classy. He is a feminist and doesn’t believe in gender roles.



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