Sneaking Around

I keep thinking that I see Karen Sullivan sneaking around my house.  I have tried to get a picture of her but she is hard to see in all of them.

8:2 yard

Can you see her there?  I think I can, looking over the low shrub.

Well this morning I saw her leaving with her husband, and it looked like they were going to be gone for the day.  I quickly ran over to take a look.  Of course she *would lock the whole place up, but luckily I made a key for myself last time she asked me to house sit, just in case.  Well, just in case arrived today!


I immediately went over to these large cabinets she has in her family room.  I just knew she would have some spy gear or information about me hidden in there.  I had no sooner opened the door than I heard Mitch walking in the kitchen door.  I jumped in the cabinet and prayed he wouldn’t hear me.  Ugh!  Embarrassing!

8:2 cabinet

They had just stopped by to pick something up but they scared me.  I ran home without finding out a thing.  I will have to go back another day!  I can’t believe she ruined my plan!

2 thoughts on “Sneaking Around

  1. Gina

    If you want, I can help you spy. I can sit outside her house in a big white van like the FBI!! LOL!! I saw that on Law and Order. Seriously, where do you live?



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