My Lil’ Family

Sometimes i just can’t believe how blessed I am.  I have my precious lil’ girl, Starling and then my three rowdy boys.

Röbert is, of course the love of my life.  When my friends complain about their hubbies I can’t help but to tell them what a great guy I have. There is NOTHING to complain about here!  Of course he is easy on the eyes, and always has that great smile going on.  But he is also the very very bestest daddy around!

sailing photo

Merlin is my lil’ scamp.  Oh my, what will he think of next?  Sometimes he can be a handful, but he sure is interesting to have around!

photo chicken3

Starling is always laughing and having fun.  She is also the smartest lil’ girl.  Even though she is a girl she likes math and got a B in science last year!  Amazing!

aquarium photo

And what would we do without our amazin’ lil’ bebe, Hummus?  He has brought so much joy to all of our lives!

photo hummus stroller

I guess you could say I am the luckiest mommy of the best lil’ crew in the world!

children porch photo

12 thoughts on “My Lil’ Family

  1. A Loyal Reader

    You are so iincredibly lucky — fashionable, fit, and fun with an adorable family! A girl making a B I science? ! Wow. Just wow. She’s so smart she’ll likely get admitted to an ivy league college to find a really smart husband to care for her and support your precious ‘lil grandangles! Tell Robert to save his pennies for the first couple of years of her college — until she quits after getting married because she will be snatched up by junior year! Hummus brings joy to my life too! Sometimes I cry looking at his pictures — sleeping in the carseat all of the time! I want to smell him and nibble his cheeks. Would you let me if if ever travel to the USA? Oh Merlin is all boy – a handful, I know. Sigh. Don’t get me started on your hunk ‘o love Robert — handsome, best daddy ever, and romantic (am I right on the last one? – don’t hold back girl)! Can I trade places with you? Ignore the haters (your crazy neighbor), get ready for Robert’s return home (silly company making him travel away from his hot wife and precious angles all the time – boo), keep rockin’ it and getting your alone time while sipping mimosas / wine!


    1. mythreeangles Post author

      Hummus does not sleep in his carseat “all of the time:! My goodness. We also put him in the stroller for walks. When we take him out for even a second he is just like his brother, always into mischief.


  2. Your greatest fan

    OMG, where did you get those darling pillows? You have such great style! I would LOVE being your friend. And I would LOVE to smell Hummus, I’m sure its he smell’s delicious!


  3. LooLoo RooRoo

    Why do you and your husband both have brown eyes but two of your kids have blue eyes? I mean I’m not trying to suggest something or anything. I’m sure it’s a question you’ve received before because people are so often nosey. I mean curious. And suspicious. And judgmental. No, not that either. They are just pretty blue and people want to know whether or not they should have affairs or just hire surrogates.

    Nonetheless your mis-matched, scrambled family is beautiful!!!!

    ❤ ❤


      1. mattmindytie

        No, no, no! That’s not what I meant at all! I was just gently warning you there are people out there who are judgmental and jump to conclusions just so they can feel better about themselves. That’s not me. I’m only judgemental about myself like “WHY can’t I be more like Lah Lee?” 😦 for me and 🙂 🙂 🙂 for you.

        My apologies.


  4. Gina

    Robert and Lah Lee both have the recessive blue eye jean! I know because everyone always wants to know why hubs and I have blue eyes and Angle1 has brown. My hubs did not cheat!



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