Home Sweet Home

My trip home was horrible!  I was so remorseful about going away without really considering how much it would hurt poor Röbert and the kids.  Apparently my parents really DID have weekend plans so they delivered the kids back to Röbert and he got stuck with them and had to take time off from his work.  It was also way more expensive than I expected and, as I confessed before, I got caught up in the party atmosphere and didn’t learn thing one.  I also lost my favorite bra one night and i am scared how that might have happened.  Please, I hope there are no photos of that evening on the internet.  I sat on the plane and wept.


I had a short layover halfway home and so I made myself comfortable in the airport with a couple of glasses of wine and a good book and tried to think of ways to explain how sorry I am to Röbert.  Well, I was into my third glass of wine and I realized that it had been far too long, so I went and found the gate agent.  Apparently “weather” was preventing flights from leaving so I was stuck for as long as they wanted to keep me there.  I was livid!  I let that woman AND her supervisor know that I was on my way home from an important business conference and I am not used to being treated so shabbily.  I could tell the other passengers were all pretty impressed with how I handled myself.  You would think an airline would know better than to treat influential bloggers like they are nobodies.

I finally got home very late and drove home.  My family was all asleep and so I snuck into bed and then pretended to be asleep when Röbert was getting ready for work this morning.   I guess I have to face him eventually.  Anywho, I do feel like I have a sassy new attitude so I put on my ol’ cutoffs and went for walk while the children slept this afternoon (Benadryl again…LOL!)


2 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. sally

    Honey, I think you made a little mistake in your post. You said you lost your bra. What you meant to say is the hotel lost the bra you were wearing. Demand they find it and return it ASAP.



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