The Wild, Wild West

Before I even start describing my ah-maze-ing time in San Jose, I have to speak out against those of you who took offense to an innocent photo I posted yesterday.  Yes, my baby Hummus was naked in it, but excuse me if I was excited to share the great news that he was starting to pull up to stand!  Especially in light of the fact that a certain neighbor, who will remain nameless, had told me he would never learn to stand if I didn’t unstrap him from his carseat and stroller from time to time.   Certain people, who let me know that I shouldn’t post pictures of my child’s naked body just need to mind their own business and get their own minds out of the gutter!  Clearly you are all just jealous and need to get your own lives.  Stepping off my soapbox now!

Hummus carseat

Well, I have to say that a business convention like this is much different than I expected.  First of all it is almost all business ladies, which surprised me.  The other surprising thing is that we (and I say we because I feel like I have joined a sisterhood by coming here) all love to have fun.  On the first night I lost my roommates and started seeing all the sights in this booming metropolis on my own.  But then I met up with some of the other ladies and we got our drink on!  Wow! I barely remember the rest of the evening.  But I am pretty sure it was funnnn!

I decided to sleep in and skip the morning sessions because I had a little my grain in the morning.  But I hopped right up when one of the other ladies suggested mimosas by the pool.

7:25 pool feet

After a crazy afternoon I got dressed in my most serious outfit and headed down to the convention.  I totally got sidetracked by all the freebies and never made it to a single session!  I got some really great pencils and mini crayons and grocery bags and even a couple of t-shirts that I know I will just love forever.  Amazing!

7:25 bidness lady


A bunch of us decided to go grab some food together.  These are my new sistahs from another mistah!

7:25 in crowd

Well, I wanted to look nice so i went and put on my prettiest face LOL.  I was so glad i had watched the youtube describing how to put on smoky eyes because. well,  just look and see.  I was fabulous!

7:25 smoky

I also got a few treats together in our room before we went out!

7:25 wine

Gah, I don’t remember a single thing after that but I found this on my phone so it is probably what I ate.  Who knows?




16 thoughts on “The Wild, Wild West

  1. LoobyLou

    Oh my golly gosh – you sure know how to live the high life over there in the U.S. of A. I almost cried laughing – do tell where you got your wonderful eyeshadow please!


    1. mythreeangles Post author

      I saw the most fantastic smoky eye tutorial on youtube. It was recorded by a 12 year old girl but I think the end results were pretty amazing. Good luck with your smoky eyes.


  2. Mahmahood

    Wow! You got to meet some big time bloggers! And you are amazing, and so inspirational! All those people who leave nasty comments about naked baby pictures are just ridiculous. And bullies. The cyberbullying that goes on against the mamas that blog is out of control. Those women are all fat losers who live in their parents basements and have no lives, but plenty of cats. They are so miserable with their own lives they don’t want anyone to be happy. But good for you for not being swayed by the bullies!
    Oh, and where did you get Hummus’s car seat? I need one!


  3. Tammy Braying

    I adoooore your family and your life with your littles! I wish I was you! Your littles are little and adorable! Your man … Uh don’t be jealous but how do you spell HUNK? I spell it ROBERT!! You are sooooo lucky with your life and the things you own!! Maybe we could be friends IRL!!!?


  4. Wild Flowers Are Wild

    Okay I also noticed you posted that nude photo of your child and yet you see nothing wrong with it? Are you European or Russian or something and think Americans are hung up on their sexuality!? Well let me tell you and I’ll tell you this- we are not prudes! And if prudish means privacy then count us in!
    Not to mention you’re at some convention now!? Away from your kids and Robert? For how long!? I hope Hummus does not regress on the walking, but please spare us the naked details!


  5. Alex

    You are SO AWESOM!!!! Please keep posting those naked babeez. They are so innecent and butiful. Only pervee middleage moms would not like them.


  6. Crock

    Well, here’s a weird… I have spent this weekend reading through your blog… In it’s entirety… and that’s not the weird part. 😋 The *weird* part is, that, after a solid-split-up-over-three-days five hours of reading, I finally make my way to this post, and – Holy Shit-Tickets! – I recognize one of your bloggy buddies! She is a friend of mine in the real of life. But, that can’t be … ?Because this blog is fake… And my friend is real… And it’s 4pm… And I should probably wine to recover.

    Your satirical hyperbolizing (yes, its a word, I checked. Webster just hasn’t added it yet) has just taken a shockingly realtistic turn.

    I will probably laugh a little harder from here on out. So, thanks for that.



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