Do You Know the Way?

I have recently decided to take my blogging habit a little more seriously and what better way to begin than attending a blogger convention on the other side of the country?  I mentioned to Robert that I was going and he was not supportive AT ALL!!  I was shocked.  He said we can’t “afford” it.  I pointed out that he takes business trips all of the time and we seem to afford those just fine.  My blog IS my business and he needs to recognize that.  Well then he said that my business has approximately zero views per day.  Okay, he has a point, but how in the world could I ever get page views without traveling to a convention, staying in a hotel and hearing experts speak about branding and monetizing my blog.  I am sure this trip will pay for itself in wonderful sponsorship opportunities.

So I left the room and went to cry in my bathtub.  While I was in there Hummus came in and pulled himself up on the wall and stood!  So adorable!

7:24 naked

I waited until Robert was gone for the day and I drove the kids over to my parents.  My Mom was surprised and said something about weekend plans but I am sure they can figure it out.  Grandparents just love spending time with the littles, right?

I drove home to quickly pack up.

7:24 LAh Lee

Then I was off to the airport!  Did you know that it can be very expensive to book a last minute flight?  It really can, but so worth it.  My flight was filled with people who obviously don’t know as much about travel as I do, but I was excited to be off to my dream destination, San Jose!

When I arrived I was surprised to discover that there was no car waiting for conference attendees.  We had to find the hotel from the airport on our own.  When I rented a car several lovely ladies who were heading my way volunteered to keep me company in the car. Such fun!

We got to the hotel and I couldn’t believe that there were no rooms available!  What now?  Would I have to fly all the way back across the country?  Luckily one of the gals I had driven over with had a room, but had lost her credit card.  I had a credit card Robert had left in his bureau so walla, we were in.  It turns out that she is sharing the room with a number of her friends so we are sleeping 6 to a bed. Funnnn!

7:24 feet

We all wandered down to par-tay, but my friends disappeared.  I was able to enjoy a great sunset on my own!



7 thoughts on “Do You Know the Way?

    1. mythreeangles Post author

      You can’t even begin to imagine the beauty and majesty of a hotel conference room in San Jose! But I am glad that my lil’ blog is making you feel close to the action.


  1. Sallie Jennie Sue

    I can’t believe your mean husband. Mommy bloggers need business trips too. I’ve seen how excited they get about airplanes and trains, probably buses too, just any kind of transportation. I just know you’ll be super famous soon with lots of sponsors and page views. I shudder with vicarious excitement. Can’t wait for you to share all the amazing details. Some pics of your roomies pj’s perhaps? I’d love to see what famous bloggers wear to bed!!!



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