Ooopsy Daisy

After my encounter with my former friend Karen yesterday I was very upset!  I called Röbert to ask him to please hurry home and I quickly made dinner for Merlin and Starling.  I sent them up to bed extra early (they weren’t happy, but oh well is what I always say!)  Then I waited for the hubster to get home.

7:16 lahlee

When he got home he wanted to go talk to Mitch to see if he could make Karen be reasonable but I cried until he agreed not to do that!  I went up to take a nice bath and when I came down my boy had started a fire for me.

7:16 fireplace

He went up to bed early and I stayed up to check out my Facebook and let everyone know what a snake Karen is!


I woke up nice and refreshed and went to the kitchen to get myself some coffee.

7:16 kitchen

And guess what I found just outside the back door, LOL?

photo hummus stroller


I guess with all the excitement yesterday I had forgotten all about Hummus.  He was just waking up and, other than really needing a new diaper, no worse for the experience.  I can’t stop laughing at myself over this one!

Starling is working on a puppet show for me, so I’d better go right now to enjoy it.

7:16 puppet show


2 thoughts on “Ooopsy Daisy

  1. A Stranger

    OMG! Do you know how expensive that stroller is?!? I can’t believe you left it outside!!!!! Anything could have happened! It could rust! Squirrels could gnaw on it! It might get dirty! Someone more responsible might swipe it and give it the life it deserves! (Where did you say you live? LOL. But seriously, Missy, where are your priorities?!?)



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