A Lil’ Bump in the Road

As some of you bunnies may recall, I have been having a little friction with my neighbor and friend, Karen Sullivan.  She and her husband Mitch had been acting kind of strangely towards us lately, and it really hurts!  They are an older couple, early to mid-forties, and I have been worried that they might be going senile and of course I wanted to help!  But it seemed like my timing was always off.  She was never home when I stopped by (even once at 5 AM and a couple of times just after midnight!) and her phone was always off when I tried to call.  So strange!

7:16 karen and Lahlee

Here we are during happier times!

Well, Karen stopped by yesterday and she was very brusque with me, you might even say rude!  She breezed right in and brought an old race track that her boys had outgrown for Merlin.  He seemed thrilled but I could see that it was old and I don’t like old or used things in my house.  Karen should know that!!!

7:16 Karen and merlin

Then she started to cry.  I was so scared that she was going to tell me that she was sick or something!  That would be so inconvenient for me right now.  I am busy enough without a sick friend to worry about!  But she said that right now she needs some space (whatever!) and that I need to back off and stop harassing her.  Harassing?!  What the heck?  She then told Merlin that he could stop by anytime and I yelled, “What about Starling?” and she ignored me.  Rude.

As soon as she left I took the race track away and let him play with his old garage instead.  See?  Perfectly happy!

7:16 garage

I can’t believe that Karen is acting like this so I called a few friends and everyone agrees with me that she is being very shady.

So there you go, just another little bump in that ol’ road called life.

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