My Crazy Life

This morning I was determined to go over to the Sullivans to talk to Karen about what is going on.  I saw that her car was in the driveway so I marched right over to let her know how hurt I was by her recent coldness towards me and she didn’t answer the door.  So odd.  I thought I could hear the television playing and someone moving around inside.  Now I am really worried.  Maybe on top of her forgetfulness she is also losing her hearing.  Aging must be terrible!

When I got home I heard noise in Merlin’s room and guess what I found?  Birdy was all alone in his bedroom.  I was furious!  Merlin claims he has no idea how he got there, but I have a pretty good idea and the culprit had to catch the bird and then spend the morning cleaning out my car.

7:9 chicken

After lunch I put all three children down for a nap because I needed a nap!  I had just fallen asleep when I heard shouting from down the hall.  I thought someone was hurt so I ran and apparently Merlin had somehow convinced Starling that jumping on her bed is a good idea. Oh my word!  I sent him back to his room and brought her downstairs to watch a movie.  He had gotten her way too wound up to sleep!  So it was Frozen and cookies for her while I cat napped on the sofa!

7:9 bed jump

I was able to drop the children with the family down the street who don’t speak much English (and don’t own any chickens LOL!) while I went shopping for dinner stuff.  I also stopped by the coffee shop for a few minutes!  Shhhh!

7:9 lah Lee

I came home nice and relaxed only to find that the non-English speaking family had completely misunderstood EVERYTHING I told them and Hummus and Starling were inside eating sugary snacks and watching television while Merlin was outside playing in the dirt.  He could have been run over by the backhoe someone was using back there!  I will have to think carefully before I allow THAT family (the Chens?  the Changs?  Who knows?) to watch my children for me again!

7:9 merlin

What could i do?  I brought the children home and put them to bed!  Then it was Calgon time for me . (Only, not Calgon but this delicious Jo Malone bath oil I bought for myself.)  Take me away indeed!

7:9 Calgon

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