Chicken Craziness

Last night I sent Röbert over to the neighbors with the chicken Merlin had taken and there was a huge misunderstanding.  They barely speak any English, and the chicken was not theirs and apparently they were very offended by the suggestion that the chicken was theirs.  Who knows what that is all about?  So we still have the chicken.  Merlin is delighted and has named him Birdy, but poor Starling is frightened to death of the thing!  I thought  could literally kill two birds with one stone and have a little roast chicken for dinner but when I read up on how to pluck it online I was just all eeew.  I have no idea what to do.

Chicken day 2 photo

I made Merlin bring the animal outside and Starling and I played her favorite game, paparazzi.  I walk around the house and she pops out of hiding places to take my picture.  She is really very good at it!  The photos are little blurry but we laugh and laugh!

blurry Lah Leephoto

Later all the children went outside to play so I could relax a little.  I took a glass (or two! LOL) of wine with me and just enjoyed our afternoon.

children porch photo

I called Röbert to come home early because I had a splitting headache.  I hope he remembered to feed the children because I am now just relaxing in my room.   He looked so handsome when he got home!

Robert in white room photo

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