Saturday at the lake.

As you might have guessed, Röbert and I had words last night but I thought we had it all settled until I was trying to sleep in this morning and I heard someone outside in the garden.  It was Merlin, with guns!  I was so shaken!  Röbert acted as if it was fine.  Obviously I had not bought them, Robert brought them back with him from Tulsa and said he thought they would be “fun”.  Well, I let him have it!  I told him that the absolute last thing that boy needs is any more fun! Merlin guns photo

I took the guns and threw them away and then ran upstairs to weep.  No one understands me! I could tell Röbert felt bad because he suggested we go out to the lake for the day.  So I put on my “country” clothes and a happy face.  As soon as I got there I went for a nice long walk.

Lah Lee trees photo

When I got back I felt refreshed and renewed!  Röbert had just finished rigging up the sailboat and he and Merlin were off!

sailing photo

Poor Starling had a headache so I gave her and Hummus the tiniest bit of Benadryl and let them take a nap on the lawn.  I took a canoe out by myself to get some much needed me time!

canoeing photo

The boys were gone a long time so we headed home a little bit late.  I needed to take a bath and relax after my stressful week so I asked Röbert to make the kids something for dinner.  Knowing him it would be something disgusting so I simply asked him to make something healthy.  My bath was interrupted by the most horrible screaming downstairs and what did I rush down to find?  He had put the baby in a dirty bib and served everyone steamed heads of broccoli!  I nearly started screaming too.  I told them to eat up, as that was dinner and then sent them all upstairs to bed.  What was he thinking? healthy dinner photo

2 thoughts on “Saturday at the lake.

  1. Lauren

    A couple of thoughts…
    How exactly do you pronounce Robert with that sideways colon above the o? Is he Swedish or Pakistani?
    You need to do more What I Wore posts because I love your style, lady.
    It’s amazing that you’ve also discovered the benefits of giving your kids just the teeniest hit .. um..dose of Benadryl! Twinsies!



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