Friday Blahs

Well, I guess I learned something new today.  Did you realize that when your husband goes away on a work trip, out of town, for several days, he STILL has to go into work when he gets back?  I was shocked.  I have been on my own practically all week and he came home and changed and went right to the office.  He acted like I was crazy, but I had made plans for a morning at the coffee shop and all sorts of shopping etc.  His company is so demanding of his time and it is not fair to me.

Hoody Robert photo

I was in tears. literally crying and sobbing when he left for the office.

I had to send Hummus over to spend the day with my Mother.  I was just not able to function at all after Röbert left.  I did go out and fiddle around in my garden, but only for a few minutes.  I was bouncing between angry and distraught all day.

Lah lee gardening photo

My darling little girl did try to cheer me up by singing to me when she got home!  She has such a beautiful voice!

starling sings photo


Of course Merlin was full of vinegar and just wouldn’t let up so I called my Dad to come pick them both up.  Now I am waiting for Röbert to get home so we can have a serious talk!  I will not stand for this anymore!



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