Goin’ Solo

This morning Röbert had to leave on an important business trip, so for the next few days I am on my own!  He will be in Tulsa and they have all sorts of exciting events planned for the guys, including a trip to the zoo!  Lucky Röbert!  He sure looked handsome as he was getting ready to go!

Robert work photo

Merlin had cut his chin the other day when he tripped over Starling’s foot.  Honestly!  The cut keeps opening up and gushing blood no matter how many bandaids I put on it.  Last night he managed to ruin his transformers pillowcase.  I made him change it to the My Pretty Pony pillowcase Starling no longer likes and I will see if that teaches him a lesson!

Anyway, I managed to feed the two big kids and get them on the bus without further mishap and then Hummus sat down to play.  What a happy baby!

Hummus playing photo

Well, the next thing you know I get a call from school and the darned cut has opened up again.  The school nurse said I needed to come in and take Merlin to get stitches.  For pity’s sake, what will that child do next?  So I picked him up and his shirt was ruined!  It was a fairly new one from Crew Cuts, so you can bet I was pretty mad.  We ended up having to go to a plastic surgeon to get it stitched so he doesn’t ruin our family portraits coming up with a big ugly scar.

When we got home I made him put on and old rash guard, which he couldn’t possibly ruin.

Lah Lee and merlin photo

When Starling got home from school she was furious that Merlin had gotten to take half a day off, so I promised her that she would have a turn soon too, and we can take a whole day to go to the park and have lunch at her favorite restaurant.  I may even ask someone to watch the baby and make it extra special.  My little artist then went to paint a picture for me but she spilled a little paint on the rug.  Ooops!

Starling painting photo

The next thing you know, I looked out the window and Merlin was running around outside with his boxing gloves on!  It was only five, but I brought him anyway and made him go straight to bed to prevent him from getting injured again…by me!

Merlin outside photo


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