So Happy Together

As some of you have already guessed from my recent posts, Röbert and I are once again living together.  We are both overjoyed.  It is like our honeymoon all over again, except with fewer little arguments over the quality of the hotel.

After the tiny incident, when I decided that 29 days of spiritual healing were what I needed, Röbert moved back home to take care of the littles.  He came to the ashram place to share some healing events with me and we agreed that we should give our marriage another chance.

All of you who were asking me to take his photo off of my blog can just suck it now.

5:20:16 cropped

I don’t think you will ever find a cuter and happier couple.


Leaving My Angles

The hardest thing about my 29 days away was how hard it was on my lil’ angles.  Starling suffered the most.  Since I got home she has not been interested in looking at photos of my ashram or hearing stories about my healing experience.  It is all about Starling and how she wants to hang out with her friends and what kind of phone she wants for her birthday.

4:15:16 starling

Can you drive me to the mall?

I plan on grounding her until we are able to fully share the experience I have had, and our relationship is back to where I want it to be.

Raising kids is so hard.  They sometimes seem more interested in their friends than their family, and that ain’t right!


My comets have been acting up.  I have hopefully worked it all out with WordPress so that they work now.  As always, I moderate the comets since some people are crazy (not you, but that one, over there) and I am busy with the gym etc. so they get approved as soon as I get home.  Anywho, hope they are working better now.

11:1:15 Business

A sweet photo of me to cheer you up if your comet is lost or something.

Regrets, I Have a Few

While I was away, living it up at my beautiful and relaxing ashram, life went on at home. Unfortunately, there were events that I missed.

Last year I planned a wonderful fundraiser for the children’s school.  This year, because I was involved in an unfortunate shooting incident, Margie was put in charge of the Spring Fling.

You probably remember that at my event, there was a lovely barn for a catered dinner/dance, a petting zoo and horse back riding for the children, and champagne everywhere.

5:22 interior

Absolutely gorgeous!

This year, instead of trying to make it even better, Margie held it in the school.  According to Krystyn, the children’s games were in the cafeteria and there was no band or pretty twinkle lights.  I guess it is okay to have no ambition.

4:15:16 Merlin

How festive for the children, celebrating in their classroom!

Merlin looked darling, but it sounds like the whole evening was a downer.  Maybe next year they can find a volunteer with a vision once again.


Back…And Better Than Ever!

I am so glad to be home again and minding my lil’ blog.  I have missed each and every one of you very much.  Well, maybe not Beverley, who wrote a very rude Facebook post about me in my absence, but she said she wouldn’t look at my blog again, so I guess she doesn’t count!

Anywho, where have I been?  I went away on the most wonderful lil’ vacay for 29 days.  It was at a very spa-like place, only it wasn’t exactly a spa.  More like an ashram; very spiritual.  Unfortunately it also wasn’t the spa-like place in Malibu that is absolutely heaving with celebrities, but it was absolutely lovely and I met lots of very wealthy people who value their privacy, thank you very much!

4:15:16 lounge

Here I am in the cozy lounge area of the ashram.  I don’t have many photos, because the staff there frowned on us taking them.

I kept extremely busy while I was there, although they wouldn’t allow us to blog or use our phones or anything really.  The food was on the starchy side, but I didn’t eat much and did a lot of running around in the yard, so my thigh gap is still on fleek.  And now, at last, I am home!

I can’t wait to tell you about all the happy changes in my life, but right now we are about to enjoy a lovely family dinner in the manner of a Norman Rockwell painting.

Luv ya, missed ya!

Father of the Year

One of my many fans PMed me a photo of Merlin at school today.  Thank you, Uranegligentmomlahlee!

4:7:16 pjs

He is always adorable.  He looks exactly like me.

Do you like his school clothes?  He is wearing his pajamas!  I want to wring Röbert’s neck.  What must people think?  Next time I unexpectedly drop the kids off at the last minute for the whole week, Röbert had better not drop the ball again.  So embarrassing!